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You could have your own website and it may not be as expensive as you think. (Link to Serif WebPlus below)

We’ve all heard about all the scams and rip-offs on the Internet - yes, they are out there and we need to be aware of that and use caution when we are on the World Wide Web. But actually there are a lot of honest, informative and useful sites, too.

I started out building this website using a FREE version of software from WebPlus. This free software is great for anyone who only wants a basic website with limited features and a few pages. Once you are familiar with it you will probably like it, I did, and will want to upgrade to a more robust version. I will give you a link to this free software below.

After I downloaded the free version I had to play with it for about three days to figure it out but I liked it so much that I upgraded and paid for this version of the software. Oh, but it didn’t even cost me $100.00.

So, if you want your own website I recommend you try out the free software. If you are having trouble understanding the process I believe they will give you some assistance.

I can offer my help but it’s not free - but - it isn’t expensive either.

If you want my help you may send me an email by using the contact link and I will get back with you. Explain in the email what you are trying to do and give me a phone number so that I can call you. Give me the best times to call and the time zone where you live (state). And, be patient, it may take me a few days.

Click the Serif link below.

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